8:00 p.m

Concert - Cyprus

Viennese Christmas

Soprano Chryso Makariou
Barytone Filip Bandžak
Vienna Classic Orchestra
Pattiheio Theatre Limassol, 


China's TV

Soprano Chryso Makariou appears in Beijing at the largest scale China’s TV show “Beauty and Shared Arts”. A program of the CCTV state Chanel of China upon the celebrations of the 10 Anniversary of the Belt Roads Initiative

My Motto

"Fortune favors the Bold"

I have never been a quiet person, on the contrary I’ve always been energetic and divergent, searching for solutions and answers to unfold beyond the obvious. I grew up in a middle east environment and a multicultural society. These two factors influenced my personality as well as my artistic idiosyncrasy. I am a temperamented opera singer, always in search of new and innovative ways to express and promote Opera, Music and Art. Virgil’s “Fortune favors the bold ” expresses the nature of my existence.