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Richard Strauss - Morgen

29 July release date of the Cd “Morgen”, dedicated to the German composer Richard Strauss.
Chryso Makariou, soprano
James Strauss, Flute
Vasilis Tsiatsianis, Piano
Cri du chat discues/Universal Music Group Records

Limassol - Cyprus


Breathe Your Voice

Opening day of the Masterclass with an exceptional one day workshop with Chryso Makariou and Demetris Makariou

Limassol - Cyprus

28.06.2022 - 06.07.2022

For active and non-active members


Pegasus Art Foundation organises an exclusive singing masterclass alongside the internationally known Cypriot soprano Chryso Makariou, who is based in Vienna.

My Motto

"Fortune favors the Bold"

I have never been a quiet person, on the contrary I’ve always been energetic and divergent, searching for solutions and answers to unfold beyond the obvious. I grew up in a middle east environment and a multicultural society. These two factors influenced my personality as well as my artistic idiosyncrasy. I am a temperamented opera singer, always in search of new and innovative ways to express and promote Opera, Music and Art. Virgil’s “Fortune favors the bold ” expresses the nature of my existence.