Viennese Christmas 2019

In August 2014, Mrs Makariou founds in Vienna the cultural association named VIENNA QUARTIRE ARTISTICO/ VQA  with the aim of collaborating with talented artists of different nationalities in the cultural events of Vienna, promoting music in all levels. VQA’s first project was “Aphrodites in Mozart’s Operas”, which was a collaboration between Mozarthaus Vienna, the Cyprus Embassy in Vienna and the Vienna Cultural Department.

In December 2014, the VQA continues gathering acclaimed artists by organizing the concert “Christmas Classics” at Altes Rathaus/ Salon Bank Austria. This was a collaboration of artists from Austria, Cyprus and Japan.

Mrs. Makariou, in parallel with her solo career and with a team of well known artists in Austria and Cyprus promotes extraordinary talents by organizing through VQA music projects, such as the Youth International Symphonics Concert at Ehrbar Saal (April 2015) promoting the young conductor Georgi Nikolov, “Mozart auf der Reisen ach Prag” (Vienna Summer Festival / June 2015). “Musical Dreams” (Festival “Days of European Culture” / October 2016), “Aroma di Europa” a collaboration with the Violist from Athens Jannis Georgiadis (Summer Festival Vienna / May 2017), “Passione di Verismo” promoting the young tenor Muratcan Atam and the young soprano Ioanna Karamolegkou, both based in Vienna (Summer Festival Vienna / June 2017) etc.

Amongst other VQA presented and promoted artists like bariton Thomas Weinhappel, tenor Martin Mairinger, bariton Russi Nikoff, soprano Anna Baxter, the violinist Valbona Naku, the pianist Erina Nakasaku, the conductor Vasilis Tsiatsianis, the mezzosoprano Yulia Savrasova, the composer Giorgios Papageorgiou, the mezzosoprano Magda Iakovou and other.


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